Sup?!? Today I took a shower and turned the water off when I was not using it.I did two of the big things to help the EARTH!!!!!!! I always turn the water off when I brush my teeth.   I was watching TV and playing my Game Boy, but I remembered your website and I stopped. During the day, I keep my bedroom lights off because I can see the sun  through my window. KEEP IT GOING!I will definitely tell all of my friends and tell them to tell there friends  because I and probably all my friends  will think  it is a great, perfect, outrageous,brilliant idea.I think everyone should do it.
                                                  --Tessa Tricarico

Recycle all materials in my home. I packed my lunch is plastic boxes that I can wash and reuse, so I do not have to trash plastic zip lock bags that are hard for the environment.

                                                    -- Hala Bushra

I live in a rural area so recycling trucks do not come to our house. We spend a lot of time separating out and storing recyclable material. About once a month I take it all to a recycling station several miles from our home. It's a lot of extra work for us, but we feel good about what we do. Nice web site.
                                                     --Don Street

Great job! Wonderful website, and great cause!
                                                     --Michelle Tricarico

Today I went green and turn off all lights that are on and we did not need them on too!!!!!!!!!
                                                       --Teagan S.

Hi Wow, wow, wow.....This is so cool and thanks for sharing it...I am so proud of you creating this Website and equally as proud of the topic..... Gma and I do almost everyone of the things you had listed.....We all do need to help... Keep us updated on this site, if things change, send an e-mail so we can check it out...Thanks again, love ya much. Gma and Gpa

                                                       --Mike Tricarico

Nice website


My brother and I walked home from school today instead of taking the car. I played outside today instead of playing on my computer.

                                                       -- Marissa R.

Excellent site, Tatum! In our house, we recycle aluminum cans, plastic bottles, glass, newspaper, cardboard, and paperboard. Our community has an amazing recycling program that has made it very easy. About a year ago, they began accepting paperboard---cereal boxes, pasta boxes, and hundreds of other products. This not only made us feel good that this material was going to be reused, but it cut our trash in half! We had no idea how much of our weekly refuse was made up of paperboard. If every community added paper and paperboard to their recycling collection, our use of land for landfill would be drastically reduced. That's important here in Pennsylvania, but it is especially important in places like Southern California. We also limit and consolidate trips in the car, opt to walk, turn off lights and electronics when not in use, and limit the use of heat and air conditioning (the whole family is not always on board with my control of heat in the winter---they are always cold!). Thanks for becoming part of the solution!

                                                       --Gordan H.

Wonderful website! Today I sorted my recycling. John worked on the lawn sprinklers to make sure they are not wasting water. Keep up the good work!
                                                    -- Betsy Veneziano

We shut the water off while we're brushing our teeth and are sure to shut lights off when we leave a room! Nice job, Tatum!!!

                                                     --  Merilee Kern

Small things our family does to help the environment: 1. recycle; 2.shop with reusable bags; 3.turn off water when brushing teeth; 4. carpool and combine car trips; 5. eat mostly a plant-based diet (Grant became a vegetarian 1 1/2 years ago to save the animals); 6. limit air conditioning; 7. donate to environmental causes; and 8. we are waiting to purchase an electric car at the end of this year. Thank you for creating a great site!

                                                   --Kimberley Beatty

We've switched all our light bulbs (and there are A LOT of them)to environmentaally friendly bulbs. Even with those, I go around turning lights off anytime anyone leaves a room and leaves them on. We also recycle...I sometimes don't even have enough regular trash to put to the curb because there is so much waste that can be recylced.

                                               -- Diana Ferguson

Hi Tatum, each day the Million family uses their Brita water pitcher instead of plastic bottles. We use only re-usable metal water bottles and we buy NO plastic bottles for water/gatorade etc. When I go to the grocery store, I use my canvas bags too... no plastic bags!! In addition, we ALWAYS recycle everything we can. Reduce... reuse... recycle is our motto ;) Great work Tatum

                                           --Michael, Tina, Shawn and Rachel Million

Tatum, As I told your Dad, you have done so much to remind us all about what we do(even the little things)that can have a tremendous impact on the world in which we live. Today I continued to separate my trash (we recycled paper stuff vs. trashy stuff), my husband made a point to hang his laundry on a line instead of use the dryer, and I made a point to take a shower in less than 5 (ok..7) minutes. Way to go, girl!!!

                                            --Kristin McLaughlin

I recycle! Cans, bottles, glass, plastic, paper.... I reuse water bottles. I potty trained my 2 yr old so we don't waste so many disposable diapers.

                                             --Karen Rand

Hey,Tatum,cool website!
                                                 -- Valerie 

     This morning after having some cold pizza for breakfast, I threw the pizza boxes in our giant recycle bin on the side of the house. If only I were as healthy with my body as I was with the planet, I'd be in great shape!
                                              --Dan Tricarico

Hi Tatum, I forgot to tell you, we buy the material bags at the grocery stores to carry our stuff, that way....No more plastic or paper bags are used and put into the dump sites.....That saves a lot of trash.... Love ya,
                                            -- Mike Tricarico

Thanks for giving me the information to go to this AWESOME website!This morning when I was brushing my teeth I turnedoff the water... YOU KNOW TO SAVE WATER!!And after I did my swim lessons I wanted to record something to put on YOUTUBE but the vidio camera was out of charge so instead of keeping the computer on (because to charge it you stick it into the computer.)I turned the computer off in stead of leaving it on.LOVE the website!! P.S. tell Tessa I said Hi!!!!!!!Today I recycle our bottles and cans.

Great website, Tatum!!  The pictures are wonderful, you selected just the right ones.  Keep up the good work                                  
--Marcia Taylor

Tatum, You did a real nice job with this website. I personally recycle all of my paper, metal, plastic and glass in my construction trailer. My construction project sends all of its debris to a facility and 80% of that debris is recycled. Only about 20% of all the debris that leaves my construction project ends up in a landfill. Hopefully on day the recycling centers, called transfer stations will recycle even a higher percentage of this debris. Thank you for helping save our planet.
                               ~John Betz Sr. Project Manager Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction

Hi Tatum, I usually walk or bike to work, recycle my trash and take reusable bags for shopping. You made a great website and it is a very important thing to make people aware of how we will destroy our planet for future generations if we do not change our habits soon. Great job Cheers Kristine       
                                                     --Kristine Freude

I make sure to turn out all the lights, recycle and like you- I turn off the water while I'm brushing my teeth! You did a great job with this web site!
                                                     --Darlene McCarthy