SeaWorld does many things to help the environment. they have signs  and posters all around the park showing you weat they do and what you can do to help in and out of the parks. A couple of things that SeaWorld does to help are not alouing plastic cups and lids for their drinks, help care for hurt and endangered animals, and planting things that do not take much water such as: 
    You can also look for this water symbol shown in the pictures above that will be near all of the water drought plants around the park.
    At the parks restraints, and other places there is no plastic disposibal lids cups and other plastic items. they have releasable cups, lids, straws, and much more so all of their animals don't get hurt.
    SeaWorld takes care of hurt and endangered animals. They also train them to perform many different shows around the park to make your visit fun. here are some pictures that i took of the amazing creatures. 

Polar Bears






Leopard Seals


Killer Whales

all pictures taken by Tatum age 11